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We are a network of interested organisations, academics, reintegration service providers and individuals who have come together to illuminate and publicise the systemic issues that impact on people when they leave prison across Australia and advocate for positive change to criminal justice systems at the state and territory and federal level.

The After Prison Network is:

  • Developing a unified voice regarding the systemic issues that impact on people when they leave prison across Australia
  • Documenting the systemic issues that currently exist and advocating for solution focused change at the state and territory and federal level
  • Collecting resources to provide a resource hub for those working to improve the experience of and outcomes for people returning to community after prison in Australia
  • Providing a platform for our expertise, skills and knowledge to be shared

The After Prison Network aims to bring together relevant stakeholders with an interest in transforming post-release integration of incarcerated people and advocating for system change at the state/territory level.

It recognises that this field of work should not be limited to Departments of Justice, but is the responsibility of, and requires the expertise of, a range of government departments, non-government services, research and clinical experts, and people with lived experience.

Read about our platform and our solution focused report here.

How you can join us

Contact your local state or territory representative to join your state or territory group, subscribe to our e news or even consider supporting our work.

How we started

It all started at the grass roots level. Advocacy workshops were convened at two succeeding annual Reintegration Puzzle conferences, and the Network has grown from there, harnessing the personal and organisational networks and relationships of workshop participants.

Delegates at our conference advocacy workshop, Hobart 2018
Delegates at our 2019 Workshop in Darwin