Our October webinar: Penal Abolition in Practice

Image of guest speaker Tabitha Lean, Gunditjmara Activist.
Tabitha Lean

In this interactive webinar, we are joined by Gunditjmara activist and abolitionist, Tabitha Lean and researcher Rebecca Bunn for a panel discussion on penal abolition, and how it can inform the practices of NGOs supporting people who have been imprisoned.

Tabitha and Rebecca will provide an overview of their respective work in the penal abolition space, with Tabitha drawing on her activism and experience as a formerly incarcerated woman, and Rebecca drawing on her current research into NGO advocacy in the post-release sector. Their discussion will also clarify the differences – and connections – between issues and concepts including the prison industrial complex, penal abolition, police abolition, and decarceration.

In particular, Tabitha and Rebecca will engage us in a conversation that invites members of the network to consider:

What penal abolition means to people with lived experience of imprisonment?
The difference between penal abolition and criminal justice reform?
What we can do in our practice to support penal abolition?
How penal abolition can inform advocacy strategies?

There will also be an opportunity for questions and broader discussion with the audience.

Join us:

Image of Rebecca Bunn, PhD Candidate University of Melbourne.
Rebecca Bunn

Tuesday 27 October 2020 at 12:30 PM AEST

Register here.

Brought to you by the After Prison Network and the Reintegration Puzzle Conference


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