What are your experiences with post-release support services across Australia?

This is a guest blog by Gabrielle Schiavone-Delfino who is an Honours student supervised by Professor Andrew Day. Her study is focused on producing research that will be beneficial for formerly incarcerated people. She aims to do this by providing insights into what our After Prison Network members and contacts mean by ‘reintegration’, what sound reintegration support/service looks like, and the impact, if any, of gaps in reintegration support across Australia.

Gabrielle will do this through short Zoom meetings with anyone who is interested in contributing their own insights and experiences for her study. Her research results are expected to inform improvement in practice and the further development of the work of the After Prison Network nationally.

Hello! My name is Gabrielle and I’m a student completing my honours thesis in criminology at The University of Melbourne. I wanted to complete research that was centred around justice, reform and community that would support the hard work of others helping improve the lives of people experiencing challenging circumstances across Australia. I started looking closer at the challenges people exiting prison experience, the support services available to them after prison and looked for research opportunities that might benefit this community.

The After Prison Network’s work towards documenting systemic issues that impact people leaving prison and advocating for change at a State and Territory level was something that I admired and wanted to contribute to in my own way. I’ve been working hard on designing a research study that I believe will be beneficial to formerly incarcerated people by providing insights from Network members to learn more about the area of reintegration.  

The three main topics I’d like to get your views and experience on are:

  1. How terms around reintegration are adopted in your State or Territory
  2. To develop a profile of local services in your area considered relevant to reintegration
  3. To understand what you think about questions of program effectiveness to consider:
    1. what this means for the evaluation of post-release support services
    1. how success after prison is understood in the area of reintegration

I would love to hear your thoughts on and listen to your experiences with post-release services across Australia. Everyone is invited to volunteer and I look forward to meeting new people, engaging in interesting and thought provoking discussions and hearing about reintegration in your local community.

Should you agree to volunteer I will invite you to take part in a short interview on Zoom that will be audio-recorded. If you’d like to participate or have any questions about the study, please email or contact the responsible supervisor Andrew Day at day.a@unimelb.edu.au or on 0403 064 239 or the student researcher Gabrielle Schiavone-Delfino at gschiavone@student.unimelb.edu.au or on 0450 056 583.

Thanks for your interest in my work. I look forward to sharing my research with the Network and maybe even meeting you at the Reintegration Puzzle Conference next March in Perth.


Gabrielle Schiavone-Delfino


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