Calling for state and territory reps for the After Prison network

Are you interested in taking on a volunteer role for your state or territory as the After Prison network local representative? We’re looking for people to volunteer as representatives for NSW, SA, WA, Queensland and the NT.

Professor Lorana Bartels is representing the ACT while Grant Herring from JusTas has accepted the role of representing Tasmania.

Here’s what the role involves:

  • ​Represent your state or territory in quarterly national network teleconferences and update State/territory network with outcomes of the meetings.
  • ​Act or delegate a person to act as the state/territory contact person on the network website here.
  • ​Retain a list of current email contacts of local members.

Is this something that you might have interest/capacity in taking on or know of someone who might consider sharing or taking on the role with you?

Please contact me if you’d like more information.


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